Keep Your Children Safe

The minute you become a parent, the world seems to become a much scarier place. It starts when they sleep alone in the crib for the first time and take that first tentative step and before you know it they're crossing streets, riding bikes and building forts in the woods. As they quickly grow older, it turns into staying home alone, surfing the internet and driving cars. You fear for their safety and well-being at every turn.

But potential dangers are not as big a threat when you and your child are armed with the right safety information. In this section of our website tou will learn how to keep your children safe when they stay home after school, face a possible kidnapper, use a cell phone, explore the world on the internet and more.

Many potential tragedies can be averted if you teach them the following:

  • How to identify and eliminate or reduce safety risks.
  • How to recognize dangerous situations.
  • How to develop skills for protecting themselves.

Whether your children are infants, toddlers, preadolescents or teenagers, our website contains information to help you:

  • Create a safe home environment.
  • Ensure they follow safety precautions during play and recreation.
  • Select qualified baby sitters, caregivers or child-care centers.
  • Explain who strangers are and how to behave among them.
  • Understand and prevent online risks.
  • Use vehicle seat restraints properly and teach driver safety.
  • Talk to your child about resisting peer pressure.

Though you cannot watch over your children at all times, you can take simple precautions and teach them to protect themselves indoors or outside, online or over the phone, at school or with friends.