Reporting A Crime

If you have an emergency needing immediate response or wish to report a crime IN PROGRESS, call 911.

If you wish to report criminal activity but want to remain anonymous you may call our office at 706-456-2345 or you can submit a webtip. You will remain completely anonymous.

Otherwise, to report criminal activity call 706-456-2345 any time or top by the Sheriff's Office at 758 Warrenton Rd. SE in Crawfordville.


The nature of the incident. Be brief; the Communications Officer needs the essential basics, not a complete story. Do tell the Communications Officer if the event is in progress ... has just occurred in the past few minutes ... or already occurred. The deputy will obtain other details on the scene.

  • The telephone number from where you are calling.
  • The location of the incident. This should be the location where the deputy is to be sent, which may not be the same as your home address. Include the name of the apartment complex, mobile home park, or business, if the apartment number. You might mention a key landmark if that will be helpful in finding the location.
  • Your name. The operator may ask you additional questions, such as your home address and telephone number (especially if this is different from the incident location).
  • Any additional information. This could include the names, descriptions, or direction of travel of any suspects...including tag number and description of vehicle, if appropriate. Also, please inform the operator if any weapons were involved in the incident. Provide any information that the deputy or deputies will need to know before they arrive on scene.

If you are at the scene of an in-progress emergency you will be asked to remain on the phone until a deputy arrives at your location, if you will not be placing yourself in danger by doing so. If it is not safe for you to remain on the line, it is imperative that the operator know the location and the nature of the incident. As difficult as it may be...remain calm.

If the incident is NOT "in-progress", the operator will obtain the needed information as quickly as possible, and it will not be necessary for you to remain on the line. The operator may call you back if additional information is needed.