Each Georgia county has one elected sheriff who appoints deputies to assist him in carrying out his official duties. The Sheriff is both a constitutional and a county officer and deputy sheriffs are recognized by both statutory and case law in Georgia.

The Taliaferro County Sheriff's Office is structured with five divisions supervised with a chief deputy reporting to the sheriff. The department is organized as follows:

Executive Personnel

Division Heads



Patrol Division

The primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to provide 24-hour protection and services to the residents of Taliaferro County. The deputies are responsible for responding to emergency and non-emergency calls, serving civil papers, serving warrants, arresting and transporting offenders, providing escorts, directing traffic, working minor accidents and enforcing Georgia criminal and traffic laws.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating all crimes that occur in Taliaferro County. The detective is on call at all times to handle any matter referred by the Patrol Division or as directed by the sheriff. The Investigations Division works with other local, state and federal agencies to ensure that all crimes that occur in Taliaferro County are investigated to the full extent and the offendors are brought to justice.

Communication Division

The Communication Division is responsible for receiving and dispatching emergency and non-emergency calls for service through the 911 telephone system. The communication officers determine the nature of calls, get locations and dispatch the appropriate response units to include sheriff, fire, ambulance and wreckers, as needed.

Traffic/K9 Division

The Traffic and K9 Division has a special operations unit designed to conduct strict enforcement of Georgia criminal and traffic laws along the stretch of Interstate 20 inside Taliaferro County. The officers in this division are highly-trained in advanced traffic law, DUI detection, speed detection and highway interdiction. This division is one highly-trained dual purpose canine who will do her job to the fullest when called upon.